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About Us

KVS Media have been providing video coverage to the Equine Community for many years.

The site is a unique one, and having spent a lot of time talking to Dressage competitors at all levels it does become apparent that there are a lot of interested riders at grass root level who would, with a bit of help, like to compete for points, rather complete a test for a bit of fun. If riding is your passion then dressage, in particular, is a very rewarding sport. Although the site does not teach you the fundamentals of riding your horse, it can coach you through a dressage test. Test sheets can be quite daunting and without proper guidance can seem a nightmare.

The site will show you each test being ridden with a commentary by a high level dressage rider, also other sections will give you an insight as to what the judge is looking for, basic riding attire, and guidance on the rules.

We hope this explains why,in conjunction with experts in their field, we have produced such a website.

Happy viewing