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Improve Your Dressage Performance

Featuring Online Coaching Videos with containing Introductory, Preliminary and Novice BD Tests. Including helpful tips from an International Judge, Attire and Basic rules.

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Online Dressage Tuition

This website is intended to benefit Dressage riders at Preliminary and Novice levels by providing on-line tuition in test riding as well as some useful tips to improve your Dressage test performance and overall ability to deliver good tests, time after time.

I have been involved in Dressage for almost all of my riding career and now ride at Grand Prix level. Improving your Dressage performance is largely down to putting in the effort and dedication and can be a very rewarding experience, for both rider and horse.

On this website, I will be providing some basic knowledge, regarding dress sense and horse attire that are requirements in competitions, plus a few reminders on arrival at competitions!

Improve your Dressage Test Performance

In addition, in the tuition section, my commentary and hints will equip you to become more confident and will give you a more competitive edge.

Remember that Dressage is a competition sport and this website is intended to help you become more competitive through raising your game. I have invited comments from a top level competition judge with many years of experience to balance the programme. He will provide some helpful tips as to what competition judges are looking for, plus some good sound advice to help you stand out from the rest.

Preliminary and Novice Dressage Riders

The majority of Dressage riders are at Preliminary and Novice levels and, I think it is fair to say, many are happy to stay at those levels, just enjoying the atmosphere of the day. For those of you who have higher aspirations or just need a little more coaching then I believe my on-line clinic will help.

Many points can be lost or gained in test riding just by riding inaccurately or through not understanding the movements to be performed. Through this on-line clinic I hope to show you how not to lose these precious points.

This site is deliberately uncomplicated and should be very easy to use. The opening menu offers you a choice of Preliminary or Novice levels. Choose the level that you are current at and, upon making that choice, you’ll be presented with a list of this years current tests at that level.

Simply select, sit back, watch, listen and learn. To help you follow, it maybe an advantage to have the appropriate copy of the British Dressage test sheet you are currently learning. These are available from www.dressagediagrams.com or www.britishdressage.co.uk

So sit back and ENJOY.

Best of Luck

Julie Hugo